Your Comprehensive Gift Guide for Boaters this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s crunch time to get those last few gifts wrapped and strategically placed under the tree. And for those of us with boating enthusiasts in our lives, there are so many goodies you can grab that will make a big “splash” this holiday season! Here are the top twenty things to consider buying for your favorite boater:

Holiday Boat Parade

Marine Food and Cocktail Table

Things can get messy really quickly when guests bring their snacks and drinks on the boat, so here’s a simple solution: get a mountable cup holder cocktail table with added storage to keep things locked down and in place. 

Waterproof Dry Bag or Tote

This is an awesome gift for both avid boaters as well as leisure boaters alike because it offers a practical storage solution that keeps important things dry no matter what. These super affordable options come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can customize your selection to the person you’re buying it for!

Fish Finder

Is your boater also a fishing fiend? If so, a fishing finder is an awesome option to suprise them with! Make sure to do some research and find a tech solution that fits the type of fishing your friend or family prefers to do — and always read the reviews before purchasing to see what others have to say.

Mounted Boat Compass

Forget those high-tech GPS systems that can potentially malfunction when you need them most, this compass is ready to do its job through any circumstance. It’s also good to have a backup in place, just in case. 

Customized Flag or Captain’s Hat

A fun and personal gift for your favorite boat enthusiast can be as simple as designing a flag or a personalized captain’s hat for them to display when they head out for a day on the water. 

Anti-Spill Cups

Did you know there are cups for adults that promise never to tip over? What an awesome gift for the boat captain in your life. Now they can focus on steering the ship instead of making sure their favorite beverage doesn’t get all over the deck!

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

If your boater doesn’t have a high-tech vessel with lots of gadgets — such as an integrated speaker system) then a Bluetooth speaker is a perfect solution. Bonus points if you find one that’s water-resistant for extra durability out on the open water. 

Inflatable Kayak

This may be an obvious one, but why not get someone who loves boats another boat? An inflatable kayak is easy to store aboard the larger watercraft, and can come in quite handy depending on how many people are aboard the boat or what activities are being conducted. 

Towable, Inflatable Tube

Just like an inflatable kayak, a towable tube is easy to store just about anywhere both on and off the boat. It’s also a great activity for all ages to enjoy! After all, who doesn’t like to hit a wake head-on and be tossed overboard after a thrilling race around the lake?

Boat Erasers

This is a perfect stocking stuffer because these cleaning sponges magically erase both interior and exterior marks and scuffs. All you need is water to activate — no bleach or harsh chemicals needed. 

Boat Cleaner Kits

A good captain knows just how important it is to keep things in tip-top shape at all times. Put together a practical cleaning kit of all their favorite boat cleaning products and supplies so they have everything they need on hand at any given time!

Water-Resistant Shoes

This practical gift can be used both on and off the boat. These breathable, durable shoes are slide-resistant in wet conditions, and keep feet dry for optimum comfort. 

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential item when boating, but polarized sunglasses are particularly important to block the intensity of light so objects retain their definition and visual detail. Whoever’s in charge of steering the ship needs to be able to see things clearly no matter how glaring the sun might be on any given day. 

Underwater Boat Lights

This is a great gift for new boaters, and it has a variety of uses. It can be used as lighting inside and outside of the boat in areas with stairs or places where extra light at night is helpful. It can also be used on the exterior of the boat to see water clearly even on the darkest of nights. 

10-in-1 Boat Tool

Bottle opener, corkscrew wine opener, survival whistle, deck boat gas cap key, square drain plug wrench, flip top gas cap, flat top drain plug tool, canvas snap opener, molded notched deck plate, fishing line cutter, and t-bar drain plug hole crank all in one! This is a must-have tool for any boater. Great stocking stuffer idea!

Rechargeable Spotlight

Another great backup solution in case of a power failure is a rechargeable battery-operated spotlight. Some come with a tripod for easy, hands-free use to see long distances after dark. 

USB Charger

Here’s a good stocking stuffer idea: dual port USB chargers to charge devices easily onboard. Make sure it has a cover so it’s safe from the marine environment when not in use. 

Solar Charger

Another device charging solution comes in the form of channeling solar power. Hang the solar panel from an easily-accessible area on the boat to charge it up before use! These pack down for easy storage and can be used both on and off land for other adventures. 

Tactical First Aid Kit

You can never be too safe — gift a comprehensive first aid and survival kit that includes glow sticks or flares, scissors, thermal blankets, bandaids, and much more. You can also bundle this gift with a dry bag to keep all the items safe from getting wet and rendering them useless down the road. 

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