The Boater’s Bucket List

Salty dogs and beginner boaters have one thing in common — we all live to get out on the water. Lakes, rivers and the coast all offer an escape from day-to-day life that’s unmatched by any other feeling. When you’re seeking the thrill of the water, we’ve created a bucket list to challenge you to find the adventure in boating – bet you can’t do them all!

  • Spend a Holiday on Your Boat: Memorial Day…4th of July…so many holidays are meant to be spent on the water. Grab your crew and celebrate a national holiday by boat.
  • Navigate Around the Great Loop: if you’re looking to experience every possible type of boating, this trip is for you — travel from the Hudson River in NYC to the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico around Florida and back up to the East Coast to undertake boating on the ICW, inland lakes and going offshore
  • Join a Poker Run: race around from checkpoint to checkpoint to collect playing cards for a complete hand of poker – a scavenger hunt and a high-stakes card game all in one!
  • Raft Up with Your Boating Buddies: create a giant floating party by dropping anchor and rafting up with fellow boaters at a set destination. Don’t forget the music, snacks & drinks!
  • Participate in a Fishing Tournament: get a taste of competition and test out your fishing skills — you might even come home with a big prize!
  • Attend a Boat Show: keep up with the latest and greatest in the industry and make sure you’re getting the most out of your boat by attending a boat show
  • Go for a Night Cruise: nighttime navigation takes some real boating knowledge, so make sure to brush up on those rules and ask for help from an experienced boater for your first moonlight cruise
  • Watch Fireworks from the Water: you’ve never really seen fireworks until you’ve seen fireworks overhead and reflected in the water around you from your boat. Be warned: you’ll never want to go back to watching from land again.
  • Get Comfortable Behind the Boat: go tubing, wakeboarding, surfing, kneeboarding or even waterskiing (pro level: go barefoot) and learn some tricks to impress the family
  • Decorate Your Boat for a Holiday Boat Parade: holiday decorations shouldn’t stop at just the house – dress your boat up for the season and take part in a lighted boat parade to see how creative you and your fellow boaters can be!

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