Boating: It’s the Doctor’s Orders

“Hey Boss, I’m not feeling well, I need to take the day out on my boat so I’ll be healthy by tomorrow and can return to work.”

Okay, so your boss might not buy the excuse right away, but the health benefits (both physical and mental) of boating are actually many, and have been recognized by leading authorities. Here are just a few to give your boss, so he/she understands:

  • Boating is a low-impact activity that also works on strengthening your core muscles from remaining in an upright position, especially when dealing with choppy waters.
  • A day in the sun allows your body to soak up the Vitamin D it needs.
  • There can be significant stress reduction that comes from boating with deep breathing from brisk winds, the time spent with family and friends, the peace of mind from the primal connection humans have to water, or simply the short-term removal from life’s chaotic pace on land.
  • Taking the helm of a boat can help increase leadership qualities, and those qualities extend into the workplace.

Plus, a survey conducted by Discover Boating and Russell Research found that, “boaters rated better in physical fitness and overall health, leadership abilities, the performance of their children in school, and even in their love lives.”

With all that said, we hope you can get a day off from work in the name of good health; but if not, your boat is ready and waiting for you at Morningstar whenever you are!