BoatCloud Tips

Please read the following tips to help you make the most of our BoatCloud platform!



  • All launches to the water must be scheduled via the Boat Cloud app.  Customers must depart the launch dock within 20 minutes of their scheduled launch time.  Any vessel left in the water in the designated, “Launch Zone Only” beyond 20 minutes of their scheduled launch time will be returned to their dry storage bunk, to then require a future launch. Please note, your launch time is specific to your vessel and your vessel only.
  • The launch dock and first horseshoe dock closest to the launch area will contain signage for vessel pick up stating “Launch Zone Only, No Docking”.  Any vessel docked in this designated area when labeled as a “Launch Zone Only” and not put in this location within the last 20 minutes by marina staff, will be subject to recovery.  Please note, marina staff will no longer be operating customer boats at the time of launch as all vessels will be required to depart the Launch Zone as stated above.
  • Boaters will be able to schedule and edit boat launches 7 days in advance (currently) up to 1 hour prior to a launch.  Please remember when booking a few days in advance to note the scheduled date and launch time.
  • Any vessel not used for a 24-hour period will be subject to automatic recovery without notification.  Due to the ease of the launch and recovery process, there is no need to leave a vessel in the water if not being used on any given day.
  • All vessel recoveries will be based on the numerical position in which a boater clicks the “OK to Stow” button on the BoatCloud app.  All vessels will be removed in numerical order in between scheduled launches so if you are the third boat to click “Ok to Stow”, you will be the third boat to be hauled out.  If you are the 10th boat to click “OK to Stow” you will be the 10th boat to be hauled out.  Please note, if your boat is in the system to be hauled out but is not present on the dock at the time the vessel is to be recovered, the recovery will be canceled and will then need to be rescheduled.
  • Reservations made through BoatCloud are for boats going to the water only.  Boat Cloud will also ask you for an anticipated return time which should be the date and time you are finished using your vessel and will be looking to click the “Ok to Stow” button.  Please note, the estimated return time is not the time in which your vessel is scheduled to be hauled out.
  • The forklift cell phone is no longer operational, so if you need the use of a service/work rack or other services, please contact the main office at 912-634-1128.
  • If you need assistance finding a place to dock during business hours, please contact the Dock Master via VHF Channel 16 or the Forklift staff on VHF Channel 9.  Utilization of an open slip in the main marina must be assigned by the Dock Master.  A vessel preventing a wet slip boat from returning to its designated slip may be charged transient dockage equal to the length of the displaced vessel.
  • When docking on the dry storage docks, Dock Master approved transient dock or slip, please tie your vessel in a fashion allowing for the most efficient utilization of space.  In an effort to maximize space, all motors need to remain in the down/operational position.

The use of BoatCloud is a huge benefit to our boaters, allowing you more time on the water, less time around the docks and more available docking space, based on the timely recovery of boats scheduled as “OK to Stow”.  Thank you so much for being a part of the Morningstar family, and we hope to see you out on the water soon.