BoatCloud Tips

Please read the following tips to help you make the most of our BoatCloud platform!


  • Available launch times occur every 15 minutes on the Boat Cloud app and are specific to the boat scheduled for said time.
  • Customers are required to be present at the time of launch.
  • Any vessel not received by the customer within 20 minutes of launch is subject to automatic recovery, requiring the vessel to be re-scheduled by the customer for future launch.
  • All vessels must be prepared by the customer for launch and recovery.
    • Launch – Minimum two fenders and four dock lines (Bow, Stern, Forward and Aft Spring Line)
    • Recovery – Trim Tabs up, Antennas & Anchor light down.  Fishing Rods etc. removed from rod holders.
  • Motors are to remain in the down position both in the water and in dry storage.
  • Anticipated Return Time on Boat Cloud does not schedule the recovery of your vessel, it simply informs marina staff of your proposed return time back to the dock.  Vessel recoveries are scheduled by clicking the “OK TO STOW” button on the Boat Cloud app.
  • Work Rack Requests
    • Call Marina Office to schedule a Work Rack.
    • Customers should arrive at the time the boat is scheduled for the work rack. Boats on work racks will be returned to their bunk if no one is present within 30 mins of the scheduled time.
    • Work racks will be reserved for three (3) hours at a time unless otherwise requested.
  • Customer should click “OK TO STOW” when boat is ready to be returned to its respective bunk or schedule a launch to go from the work rack to the water.

Please note: the launch dock is a No Tie-Up Zone as this area is for marina staff use only for the efficient launch and recovery of customer vessels.  Any vessel returned to this location without marina staff approval will be subject to automatic recovery.

-Boats scrubbed from scum line down and motors rinsed with fresh water upon retrieval

The use of BoatCloud is a huge benefit to our boaters, allowing you more time on the water, less time around the docks and more available docking space, based on the timely recovery of boats scheduled as “OK to Stow”.  Thank you so much for being a part of the Morningstar family, and we hope to see you out on the water soon.