Battle of Cricket Hill Fought Here!

Did you know the Battle of Cricket Hill was fought right here on our property in 1776? Read about the battle and the history of Gwynns Island!

Winter at the Marina

We have seen our share of snow this winter. Hope you and your family are all well. Thankfully noone here at work has been hit with the flu or severe cold (yet) agh.  We are thinking of spring since this weekend is spring ahead for the time change. That is good news to us all! We took every precaution we could this year by reaching out to you by either phone or email to winterize the boat. We are going to be flooded with calls all at once to de winterize I’m sure. So, I’m giving you a personal heads up to maybe take a look at the calendar and let us now by email or call when you think you’d be first using the boat so we can get it all ready for you. When we de winterize we also hose it down just in case it got dusty during the winter months.

Winter at the Marina

The marina in the winter beautifully snow covered.

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