Stay Safe Out There: Holiday Boating During A Pandemic

Holiday weekends on the water are always unique, but this may be our most unique yet! Your safety is always our top priority, especially at the intersection of one of the busiest weekends on the water and oh, you know, a global pandemic. If you or anyone you’re close to has been feeling sick, our top tip this weekend for you is to stay home – grill out, watch Netflix, avoid the need to put on a bathing suit after quarantine, relax! If you’re planning to take the boat out to celebrate the long weekend, here’s how you can enjoy the water while staying healthy and keeping your fellow boaters safe:

Flaunt that mask: 

You like my mask? Gee thanks! Just bought it. Masks are 2020’s hottest accessory and whether yours is standard, patterned or just flat-out creative, a face covering is encouraged at all times at the marina (in NC, face coverings are required by state executive order) unless you’re in your car or on your boat.

Can’t beat 6′: 

In public places, there’s no safer space than 6′ away. Be conscious of your distance from our staff and fellow boaters and if you’re having trouble estimating the distance – when in doubt, stay further out! This also applies between boats on the water, so no rafting up right now.

Carefully choose your crew:

Ideally, you’ll be celebrating with the people who live under your roof but if you’re bringing along a few extra friends, be sure that they’re in good health and have been making healthy choices before inviting them onboard (and the smaller the group, the safer!) If you’re bringing along snacks and beverages, spring for single-serving packages and remember that sharing in this environment is not caring. Last but not least, don’t forget the sanitizer!

Plan ahead:

With all of the extra precautions involved, getting out on the boat will require a bit more time and effort than normal. If you haven’t already, call ahead to make your launch reservation at least 24 hours in advance and be prepared to depart and return with limited assistance from our team. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to make sure that you’ve got enough life jackets for every person onboard. Have your life jackets seen better days? Check out this video to make sure that they can still act as life-saving devices.

We’re looking forward to helping you enjoy the holiday and we wish you a wonderful July 4th. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or accommodations, and as always, tag us @morningstar_marinas in your great photos on Instagram from this weekend if you’d like to be featured on our accounts!