How To Have The Best July 4th

The Fourth of July is a perfect time for burgers, hot dogs and… you guessed it, getting out on the water! However, the Fourth isn’t just America’s birthday, it’s also the busiest time of year for our boating friends. Here is a list of ways to stay safe on the water this weekend while also making the most of your vacation days.

  1. Know who you have on board — a day on the boat is so much better with friends and family! The more the merrier. But it’s important to know their comfort level with the water and to have a life jacket for every person on board. Have your life jackets seen better days? Check out this video to make sure that they can still act as life-saving devices.
  2. Pack the essentials — It’s hot, hot, hot this time of year and that means you’ll need plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Pack extra sunscreen (also hats and sunglasses) to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. And of course, never forget the snacks! Food just tastes better on the water.
  3. Check the weather — Try to have a back-up plan in case the weather goes sour. Just because your day starts without a cloud in the sky doesn’t mean that an afternoon storm won’t sneak up on you!
  4. Play by the rules — Use the 10-second rule when swimming off of the boat. Little kids should count to 10 after the engine is turned off before jumping into the water. When you’re ready to get going again, do a head count to make sure that the entire crew is back on board!
  5. Plan for fireworks — Some of our furry four-legged boaters and younger sailors might not like loud noises, so plan accordingly. If your crew does want to be on the water for fireworks, make sure to check your navigation lights before heading out and know your route home — things look different in the dark!
  6. Designate a sober captain — There will be a LOT of people out on the water, and also a large police presence. Keep yourself and those around you safe by not drinking and boating. While this is always the case, it’s especially important over the holidays. If you want to partake in the partying festivities, secure your sober captain before you get out on the water.

Morningstar Marinas wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July! As always, we love seeing how much of a great time you’re having out on the water. Please send or tag us @morningstar_marinas in pictures of your festivities for a chance to be featured on our Facebook or Instagram!