Top Health Benefits of a Day Spent Boating in the Great Outdoors

Have you ever had such a tough week at work that you’ve been tempted to tell your boss you’re taking a sick day — and then use it as an opportunity to soak up the sun out on your boat?

Chances are, you’re not the only one! And there’s a real reason for this — being outside is scientifically good for you. Both the physical and mental health benefits of boating are real and there are quite a few of them! 

Here are just a few to consider the next time you’re in need of a day away from the office. 

Sunset Over Boats On the Water

Low Impact Activity for Exercise

Boating is a great, low-impact activity that helps to strengthen core muscles. Since you’re often sitting or standing in an upright position, balancing against the sway and rock of the boat, you’re actively engaging your core at all times! And, depending on the day’s events, you may even be enticed to spend some time water-skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing — all of which can be categorized as strenuous workout activities. 

Looking for something a little more relaxing? Swimming itself is a great way to burn some calories and increase your stamina!

In fact, a survey conducted by Discover Boating and Russell Research found that, “boaters rated better in physical fitness and overall health, leadership abilities, the performance of their children in school, and even in their love lives.”

Vitamin D & Fresh Air Benefits 

Your body is able to produce Vitamin D when the sun’s UV rays contact your skin, allowing your body to absorb calcium and maintain strong bones throughout your lifespan. Vitamin D also helps combat low energy or fatigue, so getting some time out in the sunshine definitely has a range of benefits!

Being out in the open air is also known to be great for your health — both physically and mentally! 

Fresh air has been shown to improve digestion, blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen your entire immune system, and reduce obesity rates. Plus, being outside in the warm, fresh air can make you and your entire family happier!

Stress Reduction 

It’s rare to see someone out for a day on the boat with anything but a smile on their face. In fact, recreational boating is almost the poster child for a stress-free activity!

Boaters have to engage their brains, stay active, and relax in the open air — all factors that have been shown to help slow mental decline with age! It’s a way to escape and disconnect from the modern world for a time, and offers us a chance to reset our stress levels and meditate with mindfulness. 

In the end, studies have shown that there can be significant stress reduction that comes from boating with deep breathing from brisk winds, the time spent with family and friends, the peace of mind from the primal connection humans have to water, or simply the short-term removal from life’s chaotic pace on land. 

Water is Healing

“Red mind” is a term that describes an edgy high state of mind, characterized by stress, anxiety, and fear. It’s the mode we typically operate in at work, when money and influence are on the line. “Blue mind”, a term coined by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, uncovers the science that shows how being near, in, on, or under the water can make you happier and healthier mentally. 

As we coast along on the water, our heart rates slow down, our breathing decreases to match. The sound of the water acts as a trigger to increase blood flow to the brain, inducing a sense of relaxation as we physically move away from the loud, busy world we just left on land. Even just the sight of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals in our bodies that promote total wellness! Water is powerful: it inspires a sense of peacefulness within ourselves.

By reconnecting with nature out there on the great blue expanse, you feed your other passions in life, mentally balancing what you hold in your brain and heart. Engaging in those other activities we love generates levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that helps boost happiness and full body wellness. 

Creativity & Leadership Learning 

Stress stunts our ability to think creatively and innovatively. On the other hand, relaxation promotes creativity and playfulness, two important characteristics that can benefit our work and relationships greatly!

Families who spend time boating together also get to strengthen family bonds and help exemplify the importance of disconnecting from technology and the outside world for a time to recharge! In that same, US-based study about the health benefits of boating, Dr. Nichols revealed that 84% of parents believed their children would be more likely to disconnect from their phones and laptops on a boat trip versus a road trip. 

What’s more, taking the helm of the boat can also increase leadership qualities and abilities, a key element that will extend into the workplace once you’re back on dry land!

Boating – It’s the Doctor’s Orders!

As evidenced above, boating is not only a fun adventure to embark on with your family and friends, but an opportunity to improve your physical and mental health and strengthen your relationships and sense of creativity in the process! 

With all that said, we hope you can get a day off from work in the name of good health; but if not, your boat is ready and waiting for you at Morningstar whenever you are!

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