MorningSTAR: Malcolm Gorrie, Golden Isles

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Malcolm Gorrie at Morningstar Marinas










Name: Malcolm Gorrie

Joined Morningstar: 2013

Home Marina: Golden Isles | St. Simons Island, GA

Fun Fact: Malcolm’s sailboat’s name, Niamh, is a nod to his Scottish heritage and means “Morning Star” in Gaelic

Meet Malcolm, the Scot who lives aboard his 31′ Hunter sailboat, Niamh, at our marina in St. Simons Island and spends his free time fishing, kayaking, biking (up to 50 miles a day!), oh…and sometimes sailing halfway around the world.

Alright – tell me about the boat name. First of all, how do I pronounce it? 

No one knows how to pronounce it – you should see the coast guard try! So, I’m from Scotland, and the name is a Gaelic word. It’s pronounced “Neeve” but looks like Niamh. In Irish Gaelic, it means “Irish Goddess.” But get this – in Scottish Gaelic, it means “Bright Star” or “Morning Star.”

No way. Your boat’s name is Morningstar. 

Yep! It’s a family boat name, though, it’s not just because I live at Morningstar. On my dad’s side, everybody’s either a sailor or a captain, back to the 1850s, and I got the name through them.

We’re a perfect fit, then! Sounds like you were destinated to be a sailor, too. 

Right. So I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and lived there until I was 7. Then we moved to Long Island, NY – came over on a big steamship named the Queen Elizabeth – to a town called Manhasset and that’s where I learned to sail, in Manhasset Bay and the Fort Washington area. I crewed on schooners…I think I sailed about everything that was around back then.

So this must be a hard question (since you grew up on boats) but what’s your favorite boating memory or story? 

Well. Once I moved down to Morningstar in St. Simons, I started to meet people who had boats and needed them delivered, so I guess my favorite is when I was hired to fly over to Durban, South Africa, and sail a 53′ catamaran back over to the Caribbean – around the cape and Cape Town and Saint Helena and South America and on to the Caribbean.

I was given another position, too, to crew a boat back from France, so we flew into Paris, drove across the French countryside, and then sailed to Portugal, spent a week there, then to the Canary Islands, spent a week there, and then to the Caribbean.

Sounds absolutely incredible! Having sailed so far – where’s the best place you’ve ever been on the water? 

Well, I mean, I would put Morningstar up there, of course, because I live there. (Aw, shucks.)

I’d say my favorite, though…if I could, I would live on a boat in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the most beautiful town – you will not be disappointed. It’s these beautiful beaches with these huge mountains coming right up from the beach and a road running right along the beach with little shops and cafes, and the water is so clear.

Putting Cape Town right at the top of my bucket list, then. What’s next on your list? 

Exactly. Don’t go through life with regrets! That’s why I’m living on my boat at Morningstar. It’s a dream I’ve had since I was a teenager. Next on my list is to sail my own boat down to the Caribbean! I’ve traveled on other people’s boats, but it’s time to sail on my own.

You heard him, folks! What will you regret not doing? Let us know how we can help you check off your bucket lists (or add things to it). If you’re at our Golden Isles marina, add sitting down with Malcolm to hear his sea stories.