MorningSTAR: Barry Nathanson, Kings Point

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Barry & Deborah N. on their boat

Name: Barry Nathanson

Joined Morningstar: 2015

Home Marina: Kings Point | Lake Norman, NC

Boat: Nauti One – 24′ Chapparal

Fun Fact: Barry almost never goes out on his boat without his camera equipment. In fact, he turned his photo-boating hobby into his day job! Check out his work at LakeView Aerial Photography.

Meet our very first MorningSTAR member, Barry!

Barry and his wife, Deborah, moved down to North Carolina from Massachusetts in 2015 with their 18′ Mariah (pictured above)…after their 18′ Mariah, actually. The Nathansons made sure their boat found a home with Morningstar before they made their own move south (true boater’s priorities) after having trailered their boats for 20 years.

That Mariah, their second boat together (after the 17′ Sea Ray they bought when they first married), has since been passed on to the Nathansons’ neighbor because they upgraded to Nauti One, their 24′ Chapparal, last year.

Boating according to Barry means outrunning cell service. 

Up north, Barry’s favorite days on the boat were spent cruising so far out into The Broads on Lake Winnipesaukee that he lost all cell signal. Even though he can’t get quite so off-the-grid on Lake Norman, Barry still treats every day on the boat like he’s on vacation.

“It doesn’t matter the time of day or week,” Barry said. “When you get away from the dock, it’s like you’re on vacation. You leave everything back at the dock and it just feels like ‘ah.'”

In true vacation style, good food is usually involved in Barry & Deborah’s days on the boat – their go-to Lake Norman spot is Eddie’s after they’ve worked up an appetite waterskiing on the slalom courses.

You typically won’t find Barry onboard without his camera. 

Three years ago, Barry found a way to marry his passions – boating & photography – by establishing his own company, Lakeview Aerial Photography. He captures everything from waterfront real estate to sailing regattas, not to mention breathtaking lake landscapes, with his state-of-the-art equipment. If you’re a fellow Kings Point boater, you’ve likely seen Barry out snapping photos and aerial videos of some of our events!

Learn more about Barry & LakeView Aerial Photography on his website here.