June Updates From Your GM

Glenn here! Wanted to share a few updates about what’s been going on this month at the marina. Let me know any questions you have or anything we can do to make your experience better.

Facilities Update:

  • We’ve ordered 3 additional new ladders and expect delivery in a few weeks.
  • We’ve signed a contract to have comprehensive maintenance performed on both dry storage barn roofs. Work will begin end of July and should last 2-3 weeks. There will be no impact to marina operations.
  • We now have shade over the fish-cleaning table. Electricians are also installing lights and receptacles in the area.
  • Two outdoor showers have been installed on the west dock area against the ship’s store side. In a few weeks, we should have a privacy area built to allow you to rinse off after returning from your trip.

Forklift Update:

  • As you know, we had to make two forklift repairs in late May that impacted our operations. After making those repairs, we began a 10-day period of pro-active preventative maintenance during our calmer weekdays, mainly involving our hydraulic hoses. We have now completed all critical hose changeouts and will finish the remaining on a rainy day asap. Any further preventative maintenance will be done after normal hours. Thank you as always for your understanding.

Events Update:

  • King Buster Fishing Tournament: We’re excited to support the King Buster fishing tournament on June 22 and 23. We are working with the Tournament’s leadership to support the tournament while ensuring that our members have unequaled access to the docks. More information can be found at http://www.kingbuster.com/
  • Kingfish Tournament & Snapper Season Dates:
    • July 12-14: Snapper Season Round 1
    • July 15-20: Kingfish Tournament
    • July 19-21: Snapper Season Round 2.
    • To help us prepare and understand member interest and participation, please email me at gkuffel@morningstarmarinas.com if you think you may participate in either snapper season or the kingfish tournament.