Helpful Hints for Launches, Recoveries & the Rack Dock Wet Slips

Our goal is to make getting you out and enjoying your day on the water as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Here’s a refresher on how our operation runs and how you can help:

Dry Storage Rack Docks

  • If you’re not planning on using your boat, request to have the vessel removed from the water so those who will be using their boat that day have dock space. Please know, we are more than happy to launch and recover your boat as many times as is needed. The dry storage rack docks can only hold so many boats so it is imperative these docks are available for boats being used that day.
  • If the dry storage rack docks are full on any given day/weekend, please contact the Dock Master on VHF Channel 16 regarding the potential for other available slip options. Please do not tie up in an open slip without contacting the Dock Master – even if a slip is empty, that doesn’t mean its available. The boat residing in it may only be out for a few hours.

Work Racks

  • There is a 24-hour maximum on work racks, so if your vessel is moved to the work racks, please be ready to take advantage of the time.

Dock Lines and Fenders

  • All dock lines should be at least ¾ the length of your boat and should be easily pliable, not stiff in any way. You should have bow, stern and spring lines allowing the boat to be sprung both forward and aft. An improperly tied boat can move forward and aft on the change of a tide potentially harming your vessel and those around it. If you any questions regarding the proper line set up, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
  • Fenders should also be properly sized for your vessel, allowing the vessel to stay off of the dock when dockside. A deflated fender or one lone fender mid-ship is not sufficient for any size vessel.

Adjusting Vessels & Spacing 

  • Let us take care of adjusting any and all vessels – that’s what we’re here for. Follow the Golden Rule, and please do not untie and re-tie another customer’s boat in an effort to make space for your own. If a boat needs to be moved for any reason, let us know and we’ll handle it.
  • To keep dock space available for you and your fellow boaters, please do not trim up your motor(s) dockside and be conscious of spacing when docking your boat – docking in the middle of a finger pier taking up two spaces will result in our staff needing to adjust your boat. Utilizing spring lines will allow your boat to stay where it is tied and not move forward and aft as well.


We are so grateful to have you as part of our Morningstar family and truly appreciate your cooperation in making our marina the best it can possibly be. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our operation. We’re here for you.


Chris Ferguson, General Manager