Golden Isles Mini Update

Boat Cloud:

In an effort to expedite the launch of vessels throughout the holiday weekend, I am sending out a friendly reminder to please be present at the time of your launch.  The date and time you chose for your vessel to be launched is for your boat and your boat only, which allows you to step aboard upon arrival/launch time, and enjoy a wonderful time out on the water.

Once you are done using your boat and are ready for your vessel to be rinsed, scum line scrubbed and motor(s) flushed prior to be returned to your bunk, please don’t forget to click “OK TO STOW” on the Boat Cloud app to schedule your vessel recovery.

Post-Holiday Forklift Schedule:

Please note, forklift operations will be limited Tuesday, September 7th and Wednesday, September 8th as we focus on the timely recovery of dry storage boats after a busy holiday weekend.