Dock Like a Boss

Not only does nailing your docking make you look like a pro, it also keeps your boat, the dock and everyone around you safe. Sometimes environmental factors, mechanical issues, and even unfamiliarity with a new dock can make even the most experienced boater mis-dock. With these tips, however, docking beginners and bosses alike can avoid damage and embarrassment.

  1. The golden rule of docking (and a general rule in life) is never approach anything faster than you want to hit it. Just before you land the boat, put the boat in reverse to slow your speed. Our dockhands have been taught NOT to put themselves between a boat and the dock, especially if the boat is traveling at a high rate of speed. Slow is best. No throttle jockies at the docks. If you watch the best boaters in the world dock, you will notice they maneuver slow and in control.
  2. Use the flags to gauge which way the wind is blowing. If possible, choose the side of the return dock that the wind is blowing towards. This will aid you in docking by blowing the boat into the dock rather than off of the dock. Also, be sure to compensate by over-correcting according to wind speed to land you on the dock.
  3. Prepare your boat to dock. Have dock lines fastened on your boat’s forward and aft cleats on the side of the boat that you plan to land on the dock. Also, have fenders out on that side of the boat as well.
  4. Please keep your passengers seated with arms and legs in the boat. There is no need for an Indiana Jones impression and dive towards the dock.

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