MorningSTAR: Idus Bush, Dockmaster at Golden Isles

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Dockmaster at Morningstar Marinas Golden Isles











Name: Idus Bush

Joined Morningstar: 2017

Home Marina: Golden Isles, GA

Fun Fact: Idus is our youngest dockmaster

Meet Idus, our dockmaster at Golden Isles, who thinks of himself as the Steve Irwin of our docks – just wrangling boats, not crocodiles.

I’ve never met anyone else named Idus – where does the name come from?

I was named after my grandfather!

Makes sense. What’s your story with Morningstar?

I started out as a grunt 2 years ago, moving on to running the curb-to-boat program, and now I’ve assumed the position of dockmaster. I just passed all my tests and I’m in the paperwork stage of receiving my OUPV captain’s license.

Congrats! Sounds like a big deal. 

It’s the staple of many maritime endeavors and I look forward to wherever it takes me.

Awesome. Got any favorite stories from working at the marina?

I love the King Mackerel tournament every year (editors note: coming up August 15!). We are all on property around 4:30am in the morning and we’re on a mission to see that these fishermen have everything they need, all before the sun comes up.

Good thing you’re a morning person! (I’m not.) 

I start every morning here off in our main office and seeing the sun come up is the highlight of every day. I also love seeing the manatees that come and go on the property and my favorite memories so far are of the rebuild of the entire south basin and rack dock. The rebuild really brought out the quality of people we are and how well we work together.

Staff Rebuilding Dock at Morningstar Marinas Golden Isles
Idus and our operations manager, Alfred, during the first phase of our dock rebuild


Absolutely. Speaking of quality of people – if you had to compare yourself to any celebrity, who would it be? 

I like to think I’m similar to Steve Irwin. Although I’m not an Australian zookeeper, I sometimes feel like if boats were crocodiles, I’d be the best croc handler in a 100-mile radius.

Crikey, that’s a great answer. Last but not least, for our boaters reading this, tell me 5 favorites and how people can recognize you at the marina: 

5 favorites (in no particular order): Waylon Jennings, my girlfriend, my friends, my family & my work ethic.

You’ll recognize me as the youngest dockmaster you’ve ever met!

Keep an eye out for our very own Crocodile Hunter next time you’re at the marina to congratulate him on his captain’s license, youngest dockmaster title & great taste in music. Plus, let him know how we can make your experience exceptional.