How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

We love our gorgeous home and waterways, but sometimes they put us in the path of storms during hurricane season. At the marina, we have to be specially prepared for these storms and each boat in the marina should have a hurricane plan. A simple plan executed well is always better than a complex plan executed poorly (or no plan at all). Here is a very simple plan that can be used as a starting point to stay prepared:

First and foremost, have a plan that begins with getting yourself, your family, and your home ready.

For our boats in a harbor: reduce windage by removing canvas and potentially frames.

Remember to increase dock lines and chafe protection – double up all lines, add spring lines and extra lines as needed, along with chafe protection.

Add fenders and then add more fenders and clear your deck of all gear and have it stowed below.

Check and double-check your boat. With impending storms, it may become necessary for electricity and water to be turned off to our wet slips and we will make every effort to communicate these plans well in advance of any turbulent weather.
Remember, it doesn’t have to be a tropical storm or hurricane, as severe thunderstorms can pack winds north of 40 mph, so fenders and lines are of utmost importance at all times.

If there is an impending storm and we are experiencing heavy rain/wind/thunder/lightning,etc., we will be unable to operate the forklifts to retrieve dry storage boats, so please keep that in mind when making your boating plans in advance of a storm.

For more detailed recommendations and advice, any of our marina team members will be happy to assist you in your preparations. Let’s make this our safest season yet!