Morningstar’s 2017 in Review

It’s officially 2018, and here at Morningstar Marinas, we’re looking back at another wonderful year spent with our favorite boaters. From Memorial Day cookouts to Labor Day pool parties, it was a busy, fun-filled summer that went by too fast, in our opinion. There were boat shows, fishing tournaments, festivals, raffles & photo contests. We gave away ice cream and donuts, celebrated Christmas in July, Mothers & Fathers Day, the 4th of July, and more. To see what each marina was up to last year, check out the links below. Here’s to another fantastic year at Morningstar Marinas! 

Bahia Bleu Season Recap

Eaton Ferry Season Recap

Golden Isles Season Recap

Gwynn’s Island Season Recap

Kings Point Season Recap

Mayport Season Recap

Reserve Harbor Yacht Club Season Recap

Skippers Landing Season Recap