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A few years ago, the folks at began collecting a list of favorite boating tips gathered from their community of boaters. In the spirit of making a “clean” start to the new year, we thought we would share a few of their boat cleaning tips below. The full list of tips is maintained on their website and can be accessed by clicking here:

Neatsfoot Oil: Great for anything leather. We use it on our fender holders and on the chafing gear on our mooring lines.

MagicEraser: This will clean just about anything. We’ve used it on our fenders, as well as in the heads and galley.

OxiClean: Yes, the stuff made for the laundry. Use the powdered version to clean your topsides - it works great!

Captain Steve Putnam has another use for OxiClean: We also use it to soak our power cords when they begin to get sticky and dirty. Soak for one hour, wipe with a 3M scrub pad and rinse. Clean as a whistle with no residue.

303 High Tech Fabric Guard: We use this on all of the canvas on the boat - bimini, dinghy cover, etc. It repels water and even makes it easier to clean the seagull droppings.

Click here for more boat cleaning tips.

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